Pre-Teen Group

We are happy to announce that we will be offering TWO pre- teen groups over the summer. If you know a pre-teen girl who would benefit from talking about positive body image, healthy peer relationships and how to improve self esteem, this is a prefect group for

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Teen Group

Our TEEN GROUP will be starting in February. Call today to reserve your spot 732-919-1335. If you know or have a teenage girl who is having trouble with self esteem issues, peer pressure, or just unsure of “herself”. Our safe & confidential teen group will help her

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Parent Training and Support Group

If you struggle with your child’s behaviors at home, you don’t have to do it alone. Please join our Support group on Effective Parenting! This group will focus on different aspects of behavioral interventions, along with support and discussions about how to implement these interventions in your

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Pre-teen Support Group

We are so excited to announce a Girls Pre-Teen Social/Support Group. This group will focus on helping your daughter Navigate the difficulties of the pre-teen years. Topics will include: -Promoting Self-esteem -Dealing with body image -Creating a positive self image – How to handle peer pressure -The

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Foods Associated with ADHD-Like Symptoms

What are the 3 most common foods associated with ADHD-like symptoms? 1.Dairy- dairy is at the top of the list of foods that cause behavior, focus & attention problems. Signs that your child could have a problem with dairy can be bed wetting, eczema, asthma, temper tantrums,

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Autism: Guide for Grandparents to support their Adult children

Guide for Grandparents

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Back to School Tips for your child with ADHD

Click on the  link for Back to school tips for your child with ADHD.

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Gluten/Casein free and Reduction in Sugar and Salicylates

This is a case report of a girl showing improvements in social communication and behaviors with the elimination of gluten/casein and the reduction of sugars and salicylates. We can tell you countless stories of how children have shown significant improvements in social communication and behaviors with dietary

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Signs a Teen May be Misusing ADHD medications

This is interesting, not just for your child who takes ADHD medication but for anyone in the house that could be potentially abusing ADHD medication. If you think something may be wrong, it probably is. -always keep medication locked away -ANY unused medication return to the pharmacy

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Food is Healing!!

WE are what we eat!!! Food is not just fuel, it is healing. If you increase nutrient dense foods, decrease sugar intake, decrease inflammatory foods and balance blood sugar, you will see improvements in mood, cognition and behaviors. This does not have to be so overwhelming. Make

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