Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)?

What exactly is a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA). For many children with autism or ADHD an FBA can be extremely helpful in trying to figure out what is causing certain behaviors. This  resource will  be helpful, click on the link to review. If you need more information

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Getting Your Child to Take Supplements

Great resource I found written by Lori Knowles from New Beginnings Nutritionals Getting Children to take Supplements Starting nutritional supplement therapy with children can be very stressful for parents. Children with developmental disabilities (such as ADD/HD, Autism, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, etc) may be required by physicians to take

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Gluten Free Flour

The gluten free diet is the most common diet used for children with Autism and ADHD. This time of the year can be difficult for children on special diets especially with all the holiday gatherings and parties. Here is a good site to buy  gluten-free flours, to help

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Happy Holidays

The staff at Children’s Wellness & Developmental Center would like to wish all our patients, families and friends a very Happy Holiday!!!! Our wish to all of you is happiness and good health. Thank you ALL for letting us be part of your lives and enjoy this

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Holiday Tips for Families with Children with Special Needs

List of Holiday Tips for families with children with special needs. Love the tip on sleep. The Holidays are stressful for all of us so not only do the children need a good night sleep, but it is equally important for parents too. As parents we can

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Tips to help with your Picky Eater

Tips for your picky eater: Children’s nutrition doesn’t have to be frustrating. Consider these strategies to avoid power struggles and help your picky eater eat a balanced diet. 1. Respect your child’s appetite, or lack of one- If your child isn’t hungry, don’t force a meal or

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Gift guide for Children and Teen with Autism

So happy to have found this!! The National Autism Resource has put together a guide for buying gifts for children and teens with Autism. I love the glittered gel weighed lab pad, great idea for children who need to stay focused and help sitting still. Shiny stars

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Gluten free Diet

Take a look at the study showing More evidence to support the effects of a Gluten Free Diet to help gut  and behavioral issues for children with Autism! #autism #GFdiet

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Symptoms of ADHD

What are the symptoms of ADHD? The following are the most common symptoms of ADHD. However, each child may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include: -Difficulty paying attention -Difficulty following through on instructions -Disorganized, forgetful -Difficulty completing task, homework, or chores -Easily distracted -Frequently fidgets or squirms

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Gut Brain Connection

Interesting article about the Gut Brain Connection. Lifestyle change with a a natural anti-inflammatory effect can help improve your mood.

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