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The Reason I Jump

I would like to recommend this wonderful book. The reason I Jump which was  written by Naoki Higashida, a thirteen-year-old boy with autism.  Naomi wrote the book in 2005 and  it was translated into english by David Mitchell, after leaning about his son’s Autism diagnosis.  David says

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Helpful tips for a Stress free Holiday

A few helpful tips for a stress free holiday:   1-Give your child a list or schedule of the upcoming events. You can use a written or a visual schedule.   2-Set expectations before the event, so your child knows what to expect.   3-Know when your

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October is ADHD Awareness Month

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, ADD) is a chronic condition that affects over 6 million children in the United States. ADHD includes a combination of persistent problems, such as difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. We need to be aware that children with ADHD may struggle with low

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Food Sensitivity and Behaviors

Behavioral issues can present in many forms such as temper tantrums, inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, difficulty learning, depression or anxiety. These behaviors can result when a child reacts to a food to which he or she could be intolerant or sensitive too. If a child has a  food sensitivity it

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April Newsletter

News What is autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s social communication and interaction. Individuals with ASD also have restricted and repetitive behavior,interests and activities. These characteristics fall across a “spectrum” ranging from mild to severe.

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Alternative Approach in Treating ADHD, without the use of Stimulant Medication

Alternative Approach in Treating  ADHD, without the use of  Stimulant Medication

In the U.S. over  6.4 million children are diagnosed with ADHD, who present with symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Vayarin is an alternative approach in treating children with ADHD, without the use of a  stimulant medication.     What is Vayarin? Vayarin is an innovative non-drug clinical dietary

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Happy New Year

  The Children’s Wellness & Developmental Center would like to wish all our patients and families a very happy & healthy New Year. New Years is a time to reflect on the past year. And what an amazing year it has been.  I am very fortunate to have

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December Newsletter

News Picky Eater Tips for your picky eater: Children’s nutrition doesn’t have to be frustrating. Consider these strategies to avoid power struggles and help your picky eater eat a balanced diet. 1. Respect your child’s appetite, or lack of one- If your child isn’t hungry, don’t force

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TACA- Families with Autism Helping Families with Autism

I recently went to a Coffee Talk hosted by TACA NJ. In  case you do not know, TACA is a wonderful organization of Families with Autism Helping Families with Autism. Their goal is to provide education, support, and information to parents to help their children diagnosed with

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Fall Newsletter

What is autism spectrum disorder? Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological and developmental disorder that usually appears during the first three years of life. Children with autism often have difficulty with communication, social interaction and repetitive behaviors. Who is affected by autism? In the state of New

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