3 Steps To Getting Your Child With ADHD To Clean Up

For many, starting fresh in the new year means organizing and decluttering the home. However, after many holiday gifts, and with a child with ADHD, this might seem like a daunting task. Here are 3 steps to organize the house and have your child keep it clean!

Do A Deep Clean:

The first step to organizing is to make sure you’re not holding onto things you don’t need. Work with your child and start with small spaces, like a toy chest or a bedroom closet. Donate any items that are no longer being used. It’s a good idea to add breaks, as needed. 

Did you know that cleaning can be a great way for children with ADHD to release their energy? An easy way to have them release energy is by having your child lift objects with weight, and move them to different piles or areas of the room. 

Have a Place For Everything:

Once you’ve decluttered your space, it’s important to find a place for everything. This will help your child to be able to put everything back where it belongs. Use labeled bins to help with this task. It’s helpful to do this with your child so they are aware where items belong and how the final product should look.

Keep a Visual Clean Up List:

To make sure that your child cleans up at the end of the day, create a visual clean up checklist. Take photos of how specific areas of the room look cleaned up and put them on your checklist. This will help your child to know exactly how the room should look when they’re done with the space. It’s a good idea to refer to these photos to remind your child how certain areas should be tidied up. 

Keeping a clean and organized home is possible. Just be sure to break your cleaning into small, manageable steps, and to take breaks as needed. By putting systems in place such as labeled bins and visuals of the clean space, your child with ADHD might just surprise you at keeping it tidy for the New Year. 

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