5 Picture Books to Teach Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional learning is the process by which children and adults learn and manage emotions, empathy, and how to foster positive relationships. Authors have written countless books to help readers of all ages to identify and learn from characters while reading. Picture books are a great way for young children and even grown adults to learn and grow their emotional well being. Below is a compiled list of the top 5 picture books suggested for teaching Social and Emotional Learning.

  1. In this story, Louis helps teach children strategies to manage their thoughts without interrupting. The story shows readers how to be respectful and wait their turn. This story offers an opportunity to discuss the importance of self control. 


2 . Every person knows what it feels like to get very angry. This book explores what Sophie does when she gets angry. This allows an opportunity to discuss feelings and different strategies to approaching your feelings. 

3. This picture book is based on the young adult book, Wonder, written by R. J. Palacio. Young readers can follow Auggie and his dog, Daisy, on their adventures. This beautiful picture book invites more children to follow the Choose Kind movement, where children learn more about showing empathy and kindness to others. 


4. The Last Stop on Market Street is a wonderful picture book to explore identity. CJ rides the bus with his grandmother, which leaves him wondering why his other friends drive in cars, and why the other boys on the bus own ipods. The story offers an encouraging platform to discuss identity and everyone’s differences.  

5. Too Shy for Show and Tell is a story about Sam, a quiet boy, who is too shy for his Show and Tell. The story shows how Sam overcomes his fears and becomes more confident. This story is a great conversation starter about feeling shy, or conquering a fear. 



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