6 Best Apps For Your Child While Learning at Home

Educating your child at home can feel daunting and challenging. Applications can be really helpful for students who need a break from direct teaching. It can also offer you a great break if you are working from home and looking for your child to have some independent time. 


Go Noodle is a free program that provides videos for movement and mindfulness. This program excels at giving your child body breaks full of movement, or brain breaks to calm their brains and bodies. Go Noodle is a wonderful option if your child isn’t able to get outdoors and needs to burn off some extra energy. It is often used in the classroom after long stretches of work, or on indoor recess days. 


Many students can get Epic free through their teachers, because it is a free program for educators. There is also a free trial for parents. The program is geared for K-5 and offers over 35,000 eBooks, with quizzes and learning videos. Epic includes some of your child’s favorite books such as, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Curious George, and Goosebumps. Many books come with audio which is a great option if you’re looking for your child to practice their reading skills independently.


Smiling Mind is a free mindfulness app. The mission of the company is to help every mind thrive. The company suggests spending 10 minutes a day practicing mindfulness through their guided app.This is helpful for students who are looking for a brain break after learning for an extended period of time, or it can be helpful to do prior to a long stretch of learning.


Duolingo is a completely free program to help your child learn a new language. The lessons are personalized to your child’s learning style and there are rewards that will help keep your child motivated. With Duolingo, your child won’t miss a beat when they can’t attend their regular Spanish, French, or Italian class.


Kahoot is a free online game that allows users to create, join, and play various trivia games and quizzes. There are games created on an abundance of topics, including math facts, spelling tests, reading comprehension, and science topics. If a trivia quiz doesn’t exist for your child’s particular topic, the platform allows you to make quick and easy quizzes for your child. This is a fun and independent way for your child to practice their skills.


 Wideopenschools.org has listened to parents and put together a library of free resources for educators and families. The website offers resources from K-12, including specific games, movies, and programs that children can do based on subject. It’s a great resource to help your child with subjects such as math, reading, typing, field trips, life skills, etc.




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