Celebrating The First day of Spring, While Social Distancing

The first day of Spring signifies a time of the year where children can get out and play. Outdoor play is so important for all children, and especially those with Autism. Outdoor play allows children with Autism the opportunity to practice pretend play, sensory play, balance, and coordination.

As a nation, we are practicing social distancing, so here are 5 outdoor activities that your child might enjoy, while still adhering to social distancing. 

1.Sidewalk Chalk 

Chalk is a great medium for your child to express themselves, and it can be done almost anywhere! All children can practice their fine motor skills by drawing shapes, writing their names, or making hopscotch boards. Blooming artists can practice their drawing skills by drawing their family, friends, and animals. 

2. Gardening

The garden is a great place for children to learn and discover. While gardening, children have the time to practice fine motor skills such as planting, counting seeds, and labeling various plants. They can also spend time observing different insects and learning how plants grow. Gardening can also help boost children’s self esteem, by allowing children to share their knowledge and crops over the dinner table. 

3.Biking Around the Neighborhood

Bikes, scooters, and skateboards are fun ways for children with autism to practice their balancing skills and coordination. Consider a bike ride through the park, or a trip around the neighborhood with a scooter. Studies have shown that starting your child on a balance bike, can provide a strong foundation for children to later use a pedaling bike. 

4.Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way for your child to practice sensory play. Make a list of various items found in nature and have your child work to find each of the items. Make each item have different textures and weights to help with sensory challenges. For example, your list might include finding 3 different leaf shapes, 3 different sized rocks, something that smells good, an acorn, etc.

5.Water Play

Water play can be an excellent way to cool down on a warm day, and it allows your child to practice playing with various sensory items. Set up an outdoor water table with various toys, trucks, and buckets. If it’s a rainy spring day, let your child put on their rain-boots and stomp in the puddles. You can even offer simple activities like letting your child water the plants in the garden.

Remember to always supervise your child and to be proactive about proper footwear, attire, sunscreen, and water breaks. 

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