Foods Associated with ADHD-Like Symptoms

What are the 3 most common foods associated with ADHD-like symptoms?
1.Dairy- dairy is at the top of the list of foods that cause behavior, focus & attention problems. Signs that your child could have a problem with dairy can be bed wetting, eczema, asthma, temper tantrums, frequent ear infections, upper respiratory tract or sinus infections, vocal tics or throat clearing.
2.Wheat/gluten-signs that child may have a gluten intolerance can be: aggression, anger, defiance, hyperactivity impulsivity, irritable behaviors, bumpy skin, eczema
3.Food colorings and additives- Food dyes/additives have been linked to behavioral problems, hyperactivity and allergic reactions.
A lot of these symptoms can be associated with many conditions, however if your child has difficulty with attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, or behavioral problems, it can be linked to what he or she is eating. And, it does not have to be so difficulty to figure out what foods may be causing the behavioral difficulties. Food Sensitivity testing can be the answer and is easily done with a simple finger stick.
While dietary changes are not a quick fix or an easy option, it is an option to consider with no side effects. With the right nutritional tools, your child can be eating a well balanced diet that will improve his or her mood, attention and behaviors.

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