What Strategies Can I Use to Help My Child with Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a neurological condition in which the brain has difficulty receiving and responding to sensory information appropriately. It specifically interferes with motor and/or behavioral responses. Some individuals with SPD become overwhelmed by certain stimuli, and other individuals can fail to be responsive to stimuli. 

If an individual is overwhelmed by certain stimuli, they might be over sensitive to:

  • Lights
  • Sounds
  • Food textures
  • Light touches
  • Itchy clothing

If an individual is under-sensitive to stimuli, they might:

  • Have difficulty staying still
  • Chew items
  • Seek visual stimulation
  • Love jumping, spinning, and swinging

Some strategies that can be helpful for a child with over-stimulation can be:

  • Having a calming corner in the house where the individual can take a break
  • Wearing light clothing, without tags
  • Telling your child ahead of time if there will be a schedule change
  • Attending events at off times when crowds are calmer and quieter

Some strategies that can be helpful for a child with under-stimulation can be:

  • Allowing your child to use a fidget
  • Giving your child plenty of exercise breaks (moving heavy books, doing jumping jacks)
  • Allowing your child to chew gum
  • Using weighted blankets
  • Adding more opportunities for gross motor and outdoor play


There are also various sensory processing treatments which include sensory integration therapy and sensory diets.. For more information, contact the Children’s Wellness & Developmental Center at 732-919-1335. 

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